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Curriculum Addendum

for 21st Century Learners


New digital infrastructures are in the process of being built that will transform trade & commerce, finance, legal contracts and IP.


From Bitcoin and decentralised finance (DeFi) to central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) - the global foundations of a scalable, peer-to-peer financial system are being laid.


The next generation of computing technology is about to make a 'quantum leap' and it's closer than you think.

What happens when 'singularity' happens, as computers surpass human intelligence?


The problems our planet is facing has many potential solutions through emerging technologies.  Many people are addressing problems with creative solutions in communities throughout the world.

Blockchain technology



quantum computing

climate change

Explore the technological solutions that are helping to solve the global dependence on fossil fuels today and in the coming decade. Instead of burning 'ancient sunlight', the latest technologies use sunlight and natural energy directly.


The infrastructure is being laid for a new sustainable world with near zero energy costs.

Our nascent understanding of the human genetic code & microbiome are bringing new technologies for disease prevention.


New diagnostic tools, nanotechnology and  nutritional awareness will lead us towards an expanded definition of health, as we aim to develop the 

'whole human'.


Desertification, mineral depletion, overuse of pesticides and freshwater scarcity are all major crises facing the planet in the 21st century. 

Yet, there are some exciting, emergent technologies that are helping to transform the way grow food, transport cargo and provide greater nutrition for the 8 billion people on the planet.


This emergent model within Economics shifts the emphasis from unlimited (and unsustainable) growth based on global GDP to sustainable growth using renewables. 

Every learner should understand  how the latest economic  models can help us transform our world from resource scarcity to abundance for all life on Earth.

energy innovations

health & wellbeing

feeding the world

circular economy

Space exploration has always led the way in technology innovation, and the next wave of private initiatives promises to bring inspiration and developments worthy of the 21st century.

"History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme"

Understanding cycles of human evolution and development not only can help us to understand how we got to now, but helps us predict where we are headed.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are not limited to cars, but planes, trains, transport vehicles and human-seized drones. Hydrogen is another option for fuelling transportation.


The sustainable revolution is transforming future travel and how will engage with the planet.

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Our world is being radically transformed by the Internet, video conferencing, social media and the rise of Web 3.0. Humans can connect to each other and share big ideas and information that unites us as never before. Simultaneously, the costs for communication are being driven ing towards zero by improvements in technology.

space exploration

cycles of history



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